As far as lasting memories go, Friday the 13th Part III is, to me, the most fun and scary entry in the Crystal Lake franchise. One of the biggest reasons for the latter is the return of Pamela Voorhees as a corpse that leaps out of the lake near the end of the film (in a great ode to the end of the first movie), and although it's Thursday the 13th and not Friday the 13th, NECA is still celebrating the occasion with a look at their upcoming Corpse Pamela figure that captures the spooky spirit of the franchise's third entry.

Friday the 13th Part III Corpse Pamela Figure: "The original killer from Friday the 13th is back! Jason’s mom, Pamela Voorhees, dies in the first movie but appears again in the third installment of the slasher series.

The “Lady of the Lake” figure depicts Pamela as she appears in Chris’ dream: a nightmarishly rotted body emerging from Crystal Lake to pull Chris in. The detailed figure is fully poseable and stands 8” tall, featuring synthetic hair and distressed clothing.

The resealable clamshell packaging has custom artwork created by Jason Edmiston just for this release!

Release Date: Q2 2019"

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