For 13 years, photographer Joshua Hoffine has merged the worlds of reality and nightmares through images that are often as gorgeous as they are haunting. These glimpses into the darkness beneath the light of our world are on prominent display in a new hardcover art book collection coming from publisher Dark Regions Press, and we have full release details and a look at a gallery of Hoffine's work that might make you think twice about turning off the lights the next time you go to sleep.

Now up for pre-order (and expected to be released this March) as both a trade hardcover and a limited edition signed deluxe hardcover from Dark Regions Press, Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography includes two new photos created just for this release, in addition to Hoffine's previous stunning and unsettling visuals, some of which you can experience in the gallery below.

To learn more about Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography, read the official press release below and visit Dark Regions Press online and Hoffine's official website.

Press Release: Publisher Dark Regions Press is excited to announce the release of 'JOSHUA HOFFINE HORROR PHOTOGRAPHY', an oversized 12"x12" hardcover book of full-color images from renown Horror photographer Joshua Hoffine.

As a pioneer in the subgenre of Horror photography, Joshua Hoffine is one of the most recognized photographers in the world.  Notorious for using real children combined with theatrical sets and practical SPFX, his work has been featured in countless publications around the globe.

This comprehensive volume collects all of his Horror photographs together for the first time.  Spanning 13 years (2003 - 2016) this book includes rare behind-the-scenes photos and artist commentary.

Two new photographs - NOSFERATU and DEVIL MUGSHOT - were created exclusively for this book.

Available as a case laminate Trade Hardcover for $60, or a limited edition signed and numbered leather Deluxe Hardcover with dust jacket and linen slipcase for $150 (Edition of 300).

Some of these photos are NSFW:

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