After recently teasing a new playable character for Dead Island: Riptide, Deep Silver has officially revealed new images and details on John Morgan:

"John Morgan is the new, fifth playable character in Dead Island Riptide, that can join the team in addition to the protagonists from the original game. For years he has trained himself - and become a master - in hand-to-hand combat. His career in the US Navy has not taken off as he originally had envisioned, so he spends his time as a cook on a military ship. Little does he know that soon he will have to bring his skills into practice when the ship nears the island of Palanai..."

Just like the other characters, John is playable throughout the entire game. In Dead Island: Riptide, you'll be exploring the island of Palanai and here is some information on one of the new locations:

"The town of Henderson is one of the new locations in Dead Island Riptide. Henderson is situated on the island of Palanai in the once beautiful Banoi archipelago. Palanai caters to ultra-wealthy yacht owners and eco-tourists looking to stay nearby to the island’s untouched jungle. Palanai’s center is the luxurious town of Henderson that has grown into a Mediterranean-looking port town."

We've included new screenshots and character art below. For more information on Dead Island: Riptide we have the box art, more screenshots, and a trailer at:

"Launching in North America on April 23, 2013, Dead Island Riptide brings more epic zombie thriller action to fans with additional gameplay mechanics, all-new gorgeous locales to explore, more types of zombies to provide constant threats, an additional character class and the best co-operative zombie action experience in gaming."