New Details on Gore Camp

2014/03/20 17:21:27 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Back in January, we gave you the first details on Gore Camp, an immersive experience where campers are put into the middle of their own horror movie and must survive a night in the woods. We've now been provided with new details on what you can expect:

"Gore Camp is the East Coast's Premiere overnight immersive HORROR camping experience. Forget watching horror films ... Gore Camp places you right inside your worst nightmares!

Lasting 12 hours, campers arrive at the campsite (hosted on the 60-wooded acres that house NEPA's Leading Haunted Authority Reaper's Revenge and produced by Infect Scranton Productions). They are checked in, shown to their tent, given some survival gear and get "settled in" before all HELL breaks loose!!

Throughout the night, campers will have the opportunity to chill in the "safety zone" (BEWARE, as you aren't that safe as some familiar and not so familiar horror favorites and ghouls break into the protected space (led by the mysterious and psychotic "butcher") and will be startled, harassed as you pee in the porta-lavs, scared, and even pulled from your tents as you try to sleep) and enjoy the live entertainment, vendors, bonfire, marshmallow roast celebrity guests, films and other surprises.

Those who venture out of the "safety zone" are considered fair game and will find themselves facing unknown evils and nightmares beyond their worst imaginations. Additionally, campers will be sent off into the darkness will little guidance to partake in various horrorific challenges, during which, those who dare may be forced to participate in rituals, bathe in blood, avoid kidnappings, experience public humiliation, work together to overcome physical and mental obstacles and more. (Please find the Terror Treks explained more below)

Due to the intense nature of the overnight event, no one under the age of 18 will be admitted!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Here's the skinny on the $129.99 ticket to Gore Camp.
For that price you get all this: Sleeping Accommodations for 1 (4 person tent), MRE Meal and Beverage, LightSticks, Live Entertainment, Horror Movies, bonfire, Marshmallow Roast, Scares in the Safety Zone, "Terror Treks" outside of the Safety Zone (Extreme gore and terror), T-Shirt, continental breakfast, 1 one-time admission ticket to all attractions at Reaper's Revenge Haunted Attraction 2014, celebrities (Tony Moran, Michael Myers from Halloween will have something extra SHARP signed for each guest), and other goodies. PLUS-- Complete all of "Terror Treks" and you'll get comeback and participate in the Infect Scranton Race FOR FREE as part of our newtwist to your favorite race this September.

NOTE: Our event isn't some OVERSOLD parking-lot flimflam scam. It's in the woods of Pennsylvania. We only want 400 people for a reason. Friday, July 11 is about guests ... terrifying the crap out of willing guests.

Our Terror Trek isn't some mass exodus turned mad grab for junk. In fact, we're designing a mini-obstacle course as part of one of the things you'll need to face IN THE DARK. (no, it's not a frigging race, but if the freaks pull guests out into the darkness, you bet your ass they'll run --or at least try to).

WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED: Diapers (we predict campers some may need these), flashlights (unlike other "campouts" Gore Camp is located in a remote area of Pennsylvania and in the woods, drinks (no alcohol will be permitted on the property), sleeping bag (not that you'll get much sleep), pillow, snacks (there will be some super cool vendors onsite to supply the hungry foodies).

Limited to only 400 tickets each night, in order to ensure that campers have a truly horror-filled and immersive experience , Gore Camp will debut on the East Coast on Friday, July 11 . These limited tickets are anticipated to sellout.
Here's some information about the "Terror Treks". There will be 6 terror treks. Without saying too much (and yes, things might change as the folks at Raw Illusions Studios continue to consume massive amounts of energy drinks, watch really bad '80s horror, etc.) Here's some inside skinny:


Will you be able to stomach a visit with the Old Hag and dine on what she offers? Remember, she enjoys cooking up special "brain matter," boiling "Dragon Piss" until it's so hot it burns -- but is best served cold (like revenge), maybe you'll pass, but understand, those that don't accept her hospitality are made to eat glass.

What about demons (like, a deadite or 2, or 6 perhaps) ... would you be brave enough to face them and, more importantly would you work with others to seek what they have hidden?

Sometimes you need guts, even if they belong to others! Hell, we learned that by watching a certain famous zombie-related TV show in its first season didn't we? And, we know how fast hungry zombies can be, even if some people call them walkers.

Circus sideshows aren't the main attraction for a reason, but this guy isn't your average "sideshow joe". How far would you do in a game of simon says?

Everyone loves their mommy, leave no bones, or skull for that matter about it. Imagine what happens when this confused, (and crazed) madman finds you snooping around his cabin. Better yet, imagine what you'll have to find of his mommy to survive.

Coffins, well boxes really. And tunnels, and a few caged, chainsaw wielding goons you may recognize making the best out of what they have, all to provide food for their kinfolk. What will you do to outwit them and make your way through the obstacles?

More information is available online at or on"