At the Silent Hill panel at SDCC earlier this month, it was announced that a Silent Hill maze would be created for this year's Halloween Horror Nights at both Universal locations. We now have some new details on what you can expect, courtesy of their creative director, John Murdy.

"Silent Hill is coming this Fall to Halloween Horror Nights... The horror of the sleepy vacation town is meticulously recreated on the movie-qualities sets is the scariest destination this Halloween!"

  • Now a little trivia on Silent Hill....this maze will feature elements from the games and the films. Pretty much using the whole property.
  • Just started working on the audio from Silent Hill, have the entire new film to work with plus tons of stuff from the games.
  • We put together a music bed track for the maze that's over an hour long so you'll hear different tracks when you go through it
  • When you're working with a property like Silent Hill, there's so many choices...but some things you have to include. Pyramid Head!
  • He's an insane character, incredibly hard to pull off but you want to see him in the flesh, not a static dummy. You'll meet him!
  • And of course there's the Nurses, you have to have'll encounter them too...and some treats for the fans of the game!
  • The audio of Silent Hill is a huge element of the game. Spending a lot of time in the studio creating the soundtrack, lots of game elements
  • The Silent Hill monsters are crazy, some are impossible to pull off with actors...but we're gonna try. Total science project!

We've included the announcement trailer and poster below. In case you missed our earlier news, a maze based on The Walking Dead and Alice Cooper were announced. More information can be found at:

The Walking Dead:

Alice Cooper: