Fright Rags released three new shirts today, with designs based on Carrie, Cthulhu, and Rosemary's Baby. As with all of their designs, they're only available for a limited time, before they go to the graveyard for an opportunity to be reprinted down the line. Each shirt is selling for $21.95 and comes in a variety of sizes up to 5XL.

His Father's Eyes: "'Witches... All of them witches!'I  know kids can be little devils sometimes, but Rosemary's Baby takes it to a whole new level!"

Carrie Aid: "That's quite a sticky situation Carrie has been put in. Poor girl…that stuff stains like crazy. OH YEAH!"

Call of Cthulhu: "We wanted to show Lovecraft some love with our take on the classic cosmic being that is Cthulhu!"

For more information or to pick up one of these shirts, visit: