Christine-boxFright Rags released five new shirts today, including designs from Leprechaun, Christine, and Freddy vs. Jason:

Kill Destroyers: Metal + Horror = AWESOMESAUCE. At least, we think so. This mash up is meant as a light-hearted parody of one of the best bands in the world, not to be confused with an actual "KISS" shirt...but I'm sure you already knew that.

Freddy vs. Jason: The time has come and the Freddy VS Jason Limited Edition is NOW AVAILABLE! Help us celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this merry match-up with a shirt, girl shirt, or hoodie. Designed by the insanely talented Jeff Zornow, this design pits the fiery Freddy against the water-logged Jason. Who will win? Who cares? It's just fun watching them duke it out!

The Leprechaun: Have you seen a crock of gold lyin' around? Even though St. Patty's Day is over, you can still get your luck o' the Irish by getting one of these lil' bad boys!

April Fool's Day: With April right around the corner we thought it was appropriate to celebrate that foolish first day of the month by paying homage to the underrated slasher of the same name.

58 Fury: On the heels of the 30th Anniversary, we thought we'd update our Christine-themed design with this amazing piece by Gary Pullin! Wear this and you'll be ridin' in style!


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