Fright Rags has just released 3 brand new designs, along with a limited edition last chance offering, and a number of reprints. To help celebrate the summer months, the new designs include Sleepaway Camp 3, Chainsaw and Dave, and Revenge of The Nerds. As Fright Rags owner Ben Scrivens mentioned to us recently, he's decided to introduce some more color into their shirt offering:

"No need to rub your eyes...yes, those are new colors for two of our new designs this month. I don't know about you, but every time I open my drawer I am engulfed in a sea of black. Sure, it's true - one can never have enough black shirts. However, when it's 95 degrees out, I tend to paw through my stacks of shirts for something a bit lighter. Given that, we thought we'd try out some different colors for some of our new designs this summer. But do not despair, black ain't going anywhere!"

They are also offering a limited quantity of their Alien shirt design, along with reprint of Critters, Zombie, IT, and more. We've included a number of the designs for you to check out below. You can learn more or pick one up for yourself at: