Although fans may have seen teaser images over the last couple of weeks, Fright Rags officially announced their "Re-Animuppet" shirt, along with a Silent Night, Deadly Night reprint just in time for the holidays:


"This Wednesday, we will be releasing our last batch of shirts for 2011. In this release, we've got two classic (and timely) reprints as Team David and Silent Night, Deadly Night will be making a comeback (in hoodies too!).

But, we've also got one more new design to release. It's one we've been teasing on Facebook and Tumblr quite a bit. A mash up of epic proportions...The Re-Animuppet! In case you haven't seen it yet, check it out here:

However, we've only printed 275 shirts of this particular design, and we have no plans on reprinting it. So, if you want to pick one up, make sure to tune in this Wednesday evening (December 7) at 9:30pm (Eastern Standard Time) to grab one because that's when they will go live on the site. Please check your time zone...

They are already printed and sizes are limited so they are sure to sell out quickly. I'll still send an email with the link once it's live (and post it on Facebook as well), but you might want to log on to the site early and exercise the ol' refresh finger..."