After channeling body-morphing cosmic horrors in The Void, co-director Steven Kostanski is stepping into established franchise territory for his next project: a new Leprechaun sequel from SYFY.

Announced by SYFY in a new teaser video featuring Linden Porco as the Leprechaun (a role played by Warwick Davis in the first six films in the horror franchise, with Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl playing the role in the most recent entry, Leprechaun: Origins), the new Leprechaun sequel is titled Leprechaun Returns and will premiere on SYFY in March of 2019.

According to SYFY, the new movie will bring back the murderous Leprechaun 25 years after the events of the first film in the franchise, with sorority sisters—played by Taylor Spreitler (Kevin Can Wait), Pepi Sonuga (Ash vs Evil Dead), and Sai Bennett (Lake Placid: Legacy)—inadvertently resurrecting the titular terror after demolishing a cabin to make way for a new sorority headquarters.

Helping to link the new sequel to the original movie (which starred Jennifer Aniston) will be Mark Holton, who will reprise his role as Ozzie from the first film. The cast will also include Emily Reid, Oliver Llewellyn-Jenkins, and Ben McGregor.

Kostanski will direct the eighth film in the Leprechaun franchise from a screenplay by Suzanne Keilly (Ash vs Evil Dead). Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates, watch the new teaser video below, and visit SYFY for more information.

Source: SYFY
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