This Friday is July 13th and Fright Rags is celebrating our favorite unlucky date by offering not one, but two limited edition Friday the 13th shirt designs. As usual, these designs are available for a limited time only as a pre-order. Continue reading for all the details and preview images of both shirts:

"When we first realized that there were three Friday the 13ths this year, we knew we had to do something special for the last one. Since the "Final Chapter" was purported to be the last Friday the 13th film at the time it was released, we felt it was time to finally tackle this film as the subject for our release. However, this film is too classic, too big for just one shirt. So we set out to do something we don't normally do - create two designs for the same film and release them at the same time.

To accomplish this feat, we chose two extremely popular artists, but each with their own set of mad skills. Justin Osbourn has been the brains behind some of our most popular designs over the past few years, and knowing his love for Jason, it was evident that he should take a stab (pun intended) at one of the shirts. As for the second, we would look no further than the man himself - Jeff Zornow. A self-proclaimed Jason fanboy, the combination of this film and his genius were a match made in heaven."

Each shirt is available for $25.95 and will be available to purchase for three days only, starting this Friday. Take a look at preview images of both shirts below and head over to Fright Rags for more details:

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