Out of the several eerie entities to haunt The Conjuring 2, the one that may have left the most goosebumps on moviegoers was a ghostly nun that haunted Ed and Lorraine Warren. That nun has surely caused some sleepless nights, and it could provide more nightmare fuel in the future, as it's been reported that a spinoff movie about the demonic spirit is in the works.

According to THR, New Line Cinema is developing The Nun, a feature film spinoff of The Conjuring 2 that would focus on the horrifying antagonist of the latest James Wan film.

The Conjuring 2 co-writer David Leslie Johnson has been set to write the script for the spinoff about the nun, who was inserted into the film towards the end of shooting when Wan came up with the idea for the creepy character played by Bonnie Aarons.

As fans of The Conjuring franchise know, this isn't the first character encountered by the Warrens to receive its own movie. In 2014, New Line released Annabelle, a film about the origin of the haunted doll faced by the Warrens (and eventually held behind glass in their museum). A sequel, Annabelle 2, is scheduled to come out on May 19th, 2017 and will be directed by David F. Sandberg (who helmed the upcoming horror film Lights Out).

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates on all of these projects, and let us know what you think about a film dedicated to the nun in the comments section below. Are you interested in seeing the backstory of the phantasmal force, or would you prefer to have the nun stay enshrouded in mystery?

Source: THR
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