Funko is making Saturday mornings sweet (and scary) again with their new line of horror cereals! Now that they've released their Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees cereals, Funko is gearing up for the August debuts of their Beetlejuice and Pennywise FunkO's, and a new image has surfaced of the anticipated morning treats!

Similar to the Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees horror cereals, each box of Beetlejuice and Pennywise cereal comes with a collectible mini Pop! vinyl figure, so you can arrange a meeting between the dancing clown and the "ghost with the most" on your kitchen table!

As reported by Two Ghouls Press, the Beetlejuice cereal will be available at BoxLunch Gifts, while the Pennywise FunkO's will haunt the shelves of Hot Topic. Both cereals are due out this August, and you can view them below in the official Instagram image from Two Ghouls Press.

Based on a previous report by David Axelson of the Coronado Eagle & Journal, horror fans can also look forward to Elvira FunkO's in the near future! Will you be adding FunkO's to your Saturday morning routine?

From Funko: "And of course, to put the fun back in breakfast, each box contains a collectible prize, making the boxes as much fun to collect as they are to eat! You’ll find a collectible figure inside every box of FunkO’s, so you’re going to want two boxes – one to taste, and one to display on your shelf with your Pop! collection."

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