Excited for the tomorrow's new episode of Holliston Season 2? The fourth episode features guest stars James Gunn and Bill Moseley, and we have fifteen new photos to share with Daily Dead readers.

“Following the events of the first season, Season Two ups the ante of outrageousness, taking the show to a wide range of unexpected places. Highlights include the series’ first animated episode, finding the town attacked by a giant blob; a RINGU-inspired J-Horror episode; a Found Footage episode; and a one-hour season finale that will boast two special musical performances by the talented cast and a shocking final scene that will raise the dead. The second season will also feature some surprising twists and developments for the four main friends that will have a major impact on their lives and leave viewers anxious for more.”

Holliston Episode 2.4—Honesty: "When Laura's parents arrive in Holliston eager to meet her boyfriend for the first time, a case of switched identities ensue as Laura presents Adam as "Joe", leaving the real Joe to begrudgingly pose as Pablo, their housekeeper. To add to the agony, the boys are forced to confront their past when Corri pleads with them to meet with John Anguish—their former high school bully who now must make amends with the people he hurt in the past as part of a 12-step recovery program. Episode 4 guest stars James Gunn ("Slither", "Dawn of the Dead") & Bill Moseley (“The Devil’s Rejects”)."

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