With The Walking Dead Season 3 finale is coming up this weekend, we have plenty of Walking Dead-related content planned. Keep an eye out for over 20 photos from the finale, along with contest opportunities and a number of features.

To get things started, Diamond Select Toys has provided us with new photos of their Series 3 Toys “R” Us Minimates, featuring characters from the prison storyline of the comic book series:

"The Season 3 finale of The Walking Dead airs this weekend, and readers of the long-running Skybound comic book the show is based on cannot wait to see how the Prison vs. Woodbury story arc will play out on the small screen. Coincidentally, Diamond Select Toys is busy prepping their third series of comic-based Walking Dead Minimates for release, and we thought we’d show off the final packaging for the Toys “R” Us assortment!

Rick in Riot Gear with Guard Zombie, Dexter with Dreadlock Zombie, Glenn with Vest Zombie and Carol with Pole Zombie are all due out at Toys “R” Us and on toysrus.com in May. Around the same time, comic shops and specialty stores will get their own exclusive assortment, including Rick, Dexter, Hershel and Tyreese. Check out the pics, pre-order the specialty assortment and enjoy the finale!"

Coming in Spring 2013, look for the following figures to hit comic shops and specialty stores:

  • Rick in Riot Gear and Guard Zombie
  • Dexter and Dreadlock Zombie
  • Prison Hershel and Farmer Zombie (comic shop and specialty store exclusive)
  • Prison Tyreese (Battle Damaged) and Farmer Zombie (comic shop and specialty store exclusive variant set)

This is the list of Toys “R” Us figures, including the exclusive assortments:

  • Rick in Riot Gear and Guard Zombie
  • Dexter and Dreadlock Zombie
  • Bald Glenn with Vest Zombie (Toys “R” Us exclusive)
  • Carol with Pole Zombie (Toys “R” Us exclusive)


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