Earlier this week, we showed readers two new photos from The Walking Dead Season 3, featuring the group fighting off zombies outside of the prison. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly includes an additional photo and we have it for you to check out. Glen Mazzara recently spoke with EW and talked about what to expect from the prison and how it differs from the comic book series:

“I’m incredibly proud of the prison... I think our crew has done a great job. It’s a huge sense of scale and magnitude I haven’t seen on any other show as far as construction. What’s important to us is the prison itself is now a character in the show. It’s a haunted house, it’s scary, it’s frightening, and there are parts of the prison that are always terrifying, that are always inaccessible to our group. It’s not necessarily the blessing that the prison in the comic book turned out to be.”

Remember to tune in to AMC this weekend for the first footage from the new season during The Walking Dead Season 3 preview weekend. We'll also have plenty of exclusive coverage of The Walking Dead next week at the San Diego Comic-Con. Missed any of our previous coverage? Check out our recent articles below:

Previously Released Photos: 

  • Wasn’t a fan of Maggie last season… but she looks damn awesome, you know with the whole ‘about to split that zombies head open’.

  • I may be the odd one out but I am not looking forward to the return of Daryl’s brother. 

  • dailydead

    I’m interested in seeing how Merle (and Daryl) shake up the events that transpire at Woodbury from the comic book series. 

  • Heck, they may possibly use Merle to replace the main nutjob they encountered there. I’m wondering, considering the pace they are going, at what point we’ll even see Woodbury, or if they’ll cut back on them adapting to the prison and spend more time in that part because of the two it was much more interesting. 

  • I just cant wait till seaon3