I was one of a handful of people who recently took part in a conference call with The Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara. While there are plenty of details that I'll be sharing with readers over the coming days, I wanted to let everyone know that a new set of webisodes have been confirmed:

Glen Mazzara: "Greg Nicotero [and John Esposito] were just awarded a Writers Guild Award for their webisodes, so that same team is going ahead with a new round of webisodes to bring us into season 3. They are just beginning write that material. I’ve seen a treatment for it and I believe Greg is going to direct that as well. So yes, there will be new webisode coming before season 3."

Released last October, the first webisode series gave us the backstory of the popular "Bicycle Girl" walker. Glen mentioned that he wants to avoid flashback and origin stories inside of the actual TV series whenever possible, but suggested that we may see more of the early outbreak days in future webisodes. In case you didn't have a chance to watch them last year, we've included all 6 webisodes below:

The webisodes will give fans the opportunity to explore the back story of Hannah (Lilli Birdsell), better known as ‘Bicycle Girl,’ the infamous zombie from Season 1, who was shot by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the pilot episode and who is one of the most celebrated “walkers” from last season. Fans will learn about Hannah’s life before the apocalypse, her struggle to survive and protect her family as the world begins to fall apart, and her ultimate demise into zombie-hood.

16 responses to “The Walking Dead: New Webisodes Confirmed”

  1. Chris Olson says:

    Soooooo excited!!!

  2. no me lo deja ver me dice : El programa para cargar videos no permite que este este video este disponible en tu pais.

  3. Jimboslice says:

    Fuck you say ShaneF4n?

  4. they should do it about how sophia turn zombie

  5. Well I can bet good money that all of the webisodes in the future end with the person shown being killed and becoming zombified. Unless of course it follows the Governor’s rise to power. 

  6. yoga_freak says:

    Duane and Morgan please!

  7. yoga_freak says:

    Duane and Morgan? Be good to know what happened to them

  8. This either needs to be one of two different story ideas:

    1) What the Vatos went through before their deleted scene happened


    2) Frank Darabont’s original idea for a season 2 premiere where it was about a group of soldiers in Atlanta during the outbreak that all leads to one of them being the zombie in the tank that Rick encountered in the very first episode

    The only thing I hated about the original web series is that I really wish they didn’t spoil it to us that the main female character was eventually gonna be the Bicycle Girl zombie… because it’s like what’s the point in watching if we KNOW she and damn near everyone around her is gonna die

  9. probably about a year or more too early but they should eventually make a “rise of the governor” webisode. to show exactly how and why he ended up so F*cked up

  10. Dan Black says:

    Maybe they should continue the first webisode series and continue the kids story. Maybe they met someone. Maybe the girl was the one little girl in the first scene of the pilot. Idk. Something like that. Although I love the Sophia idea and the soldier idea too! 

  11. Robert David says:

    Yes is what I want too, I am actually hoping for that!

  12. Kate says:

    I think they should do webisodes on Sophia last days. If I kept up with the time on the show, she was already lost for about a week before Carl got shot and they got to the farm. So in that amount of time, when did she get bit. Cause Otis would of been the one to put her in the barn. Hershel already made note of that. So I vote for Sophia webisodes!!! lol.

  13. They would need to give the actress for sophia a wage and they are on a low budget.

  14. Sergio Lupo says:

    wtf the loading program dont allow that the videos are available on my country :s

  15. Jacob Brown says:

    Are you all deluted, seriously? They need to do a webisode on the well walker! They did make a toy and bust of both him and the bicycle girl. It’s gotta be about how he ended up in a hole, for the sake of glen. Come on people!!!

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