Odd City Entertainment teamed up with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures to offer limited edition Pacific Rim prints leading up to the release of the movie. We gave you a look at the first design last week and have a new one from NE:

"Odd City Entertainment is excited to announce the next artist, NE, in their limited edition print series for Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim. Inspired by Oscar® nominated director Guillermo del Toro’s EPIC new movie, the artist worked closely with Odd City, the studios and Guillermo del Toro to capture the spirit of the film in screen printed format.

NE provided insight into the direction he took for his print, 'It is daunting to work on a project with so much scope and potential like Pacific Rim, not having seen the movie. While poring over the various references that were available, the notion of two people having their minds synchronized to control a giant robot really caught my imagination. The concept of people entering each other's minds in such a complete way is haunting to me. It's a really intimate and abstract idea for such a large movie. That being said, I decided to make the poster more about the human characters than the monsters. I wanted to show the characters in a heroic, almost patriotic way, while also visualizing this pilot to pilot connection.'"

Release and Purchase Information: "The Odd City limited edition screen prints will be randomly released beginning on Tuesday, July 2nd and lasting through Thursday, July 11th. The screen prints will be made available for purchase via the Odd City web store: http://www.oddcitystore.com Follow us on Twitter @OddCityNews , sign up for our Newsletter and like us on Facebook for continued updates regarding announcement information and drop dates of the artist’s prints in our Pacific Rim series."

*Updated: The NE prints will be available on July 9th at a random time.