It seems like there's a new interview for The Walking Dead almost every day. However, each interview seems to not only have new information on season 2, but plans for season 3 and beyond. In a recent interview with E!, Robert Kirkman talks about the setting of season 3, character deaths, and wrapping up the show's storyline.

On the show's end game: "Yeah, it's something we've discussed briefly. I would like to do the comic book for 15 more years or so—in comic books that's completely normal, not completely unheard of, but it's kind of unheard of for a show like this to go so much as 10 years. So there's definitely going to have to be an end to this but while we have discussed it here and there briefly, we haven't really nailed down an exact end date just yet."

On whether or top TV show characters will be protected: "I don't want to spoil anything but I'm hoping that the television show will quickly gain the same reputation that the comic book has for being fairly bold and playing like no one is safe. So it may be a pretty exciting second season."

[Spoilers] On whether or not the show's third season will take place in the prison: "Possibly. I think that's something that has been discussed but I wouldn't want to nail things down exactly. We want to keep some surprise out there. I can say that the prison is definitely in the cards chronologically. It might make sense for that to possibly appear in season three. Who knows?"

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Source: E! Online