After the bombshell announcement last night that Frank Darabont was stepping down as showrunner of The Walking Dead TV series, it looks like a new showrunner is already in place. According to Deadline, Glen Mazzara will be taking over Frank Darabont''s duties on The Walking Dead.

He is currently an executive producer on The Walking Dead and was considered to be the no. 2 to Frank Darabont on the show. Darabont is previously quoted as saying: "We hired Glen Mazzara as our Number Two in the room... We consider him our head writer and he’s just a fantastic asset."

There is still no information regarding the reason for Darabont's departure and whether or not he will stay on the show in some capacity. Glen Mazzara has plenty of TV experience, having been a producer on The Shield for 57 episodes, along with Crash, Criminal Minds, and Hawthorne. Apparently production has not been affected, but this is still breaking news and we'll have more information as is comes in.

Source: Deadline