What if the zombies from Dawn of the Dead shambled through your front door? This type of question is considered by the folks at In Case Of Emergency Cabinets, and their new Zombie Melee Cabinet is their handmade answer to such survival pondering.

Limited to 1500 items, the Zombie Melee Cabinet is now available to purchase for $188.00. To learn more, visit:

Press Release -- "May 20, 2015- Not for the faint of heart! A broad blade machete and a hunting knife mean that, when used, you see the black of the zombie eye. Do not take this lightly, machete and knife need skill. When in hand to hand combat against zombies, splatter is unavoidable. Therefore, eye protection is a must to keep you in a fighting condition. Have in mind that your stamina is finite. When you need to clear a path or want to divert the zombie attention, use the 8 sec fuse high pressure pipe bomb. And do not forget: when out of immediate danger, take time to read the zombie outbreak field handbook, probably the most important item in any zombie outbreak emergency cabinet.

The Zombie Melee Cabinet, like all In Case Of Emergency Cabinets, is handmade (except antisplatter protective glasses), of limited edition, comes with a serial number, a wax seal of authenticity and a certificate of authenticity. An absolute collectible!
Check out the Zombie Melee Cabinet now at www.in-case-of.com

Additional product information:
All displayed objects are non operational, non functional and for display purposes only. All In Case Of products are of real size (H: 47cm / 18.50in , W: 47cm / 18.50in, D: 11cm / 4.33in) and of in-house design (except antisplatter protective glasses)! They are crafted, finished, painted by hand and checked thoroughly for defects and/or deviations according to strict quality standards. As a result, every cabinet is unique and special, because no units are the same.

About In Case Of:
In Case Of is a company specializing in the field of creative decoration, wall art and shadow box. The In Case Of products consist of real-size fire emergency cabinets modified with the "necessary" equipment and defence objects against metaphysical, “fantastic” and/or humorous disasters. The In Case Of product range consists of 5 more emergency cabinets: the Zombie Cabinet, the Werewolf Cabinet, the Werewolf Cabinet Mark II, the Vampire Cabinet, and the Exorcism Cabinet. In Case Of is committed to offering original products of high quality and craftsmanship. For additional information, please visit www.in-case-of.com

To learn more about In Case Of and its products, please email us at marcom@in-case-of.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/incaseofcomp
twitter: @incaseofICO
instagram: incaseofICO
youtube: www.youtube.com/user/incaseofICO"

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