Last night, we reported on the sad news that Bill Hinzman had died yesterday. He was known for playing the cemetery zombie at the beginning of Night of the Living Dead. According to reports, Josephine Streiner also passed away this weekend:

"Born in 1918, Russ and Gary Streiner's mother, Josephine Streiner, has passed away. Josephine played one of the ghouls in the film, and it was her car that Barbra wrecked while trying to escape Hinzman's graveyard ghoul."

We've been waiting for additional information and confirmation, and now have a note posted online by Gary Streiner:

"It's truly a sad day for me after what was one of the higher days in my life yesterday. First was my sweet mother's passing and then the news of Bill's passing. My [heart] goes out to the Hinzman family and friends as well as my family and friends.

Those of you that got to meet Josephine know what a dear sweet woman she was. I'm so very proud of her for the values she instilled in me. This group has had it's share of loss in the last weeks but I'm confident we will be back stronger than ever in a short no doubt."

Russ Streiner also posted to let fans know what they can do to honor and remember Josephine:

"Cards and flowers are not necessary and there will be no viewing. In the near future we will have a memorial service for Josephine. If anyone is so inclined and they want to express their feelings in some way, I would suggest either a contribution in Josephine's name to: 1) The "Fix the Chapel" Fund or, 2) a contribution in her name to their local animal rescue league- that was always a favorite cause of hers."

Fix the Chapel:
The Animal Rescue League (memorial & honor donations link on the main page):

Our thoughts are with Josephine's family, especially Gary and Russ. If you'd like to leave a note for the family, you can post to the Save the Chapel Facebook page: