From Hellraiser cupcakes to Krampus-inspired gingerbread cookies, we've always been excited to share edible and eerie creations with Daily Dead readers, and today we have a look another delectable dessert that is to die for.

On her Instagram page, Nikki Belleperche, the owner of SweetBelle Cakes, recently shared a video of a new cake that perfectly captures the essence of four of the most iconic figures in horror cinema: Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, and Leatherface.

Which of these horror icons do you pledge your allegiance to? This cake allows those lucky enough to eat it to choose, if they dare to cut into the cake's eye-popping exterior. Tied together nicely with a blood spattered look, the cake comes to life through the 3D elements of all four sections, each one featuring an eerie item that jumps right out of the cake, whether it's Leatherface's chainsaw or Freddy's blades.

You can view the new horror icon cake below, and visit SweetBelle Cakes on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy for a look at more of Nikki's edible creations!

Source: Instagram
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