No Movement on Predators Sequel?

2011/06/06 23:36:21 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Fans of the Predator franchise may be divided on their love of Predators, but the reboot was profitable and Robert Rodriguez had mentioned interest in a sequel. However, according to John Davis, who has been a producer on all Predator films, a direct sequel is not planned at this time:

"I think in terms of right now, it needs to rest for a couple of years.  I can’t see why if we can’t be clever we can’t reinvent it again... You have to create a freshness about it.  When we did Alien vs. Predator we kind of rebooted it because we put the two pieces together.  You just have to give it enough time to come up with a new freshness.  It is what they did so brilliantly with Fast Five."

Obviously, it is too early to tell if any kind of new Predator film would be another reboot or involve Robert Rodriguez. For more information on the Predator franchise, including how close Arnold Schwarzenegger was to starring in Predator 2, visit the source link below.

Source: Collider