The fate of The Dark Tower movie adaptation may be uncertain, but that doesn't mean that Ron Howard and crew haven't been busy over the past months looking for potential cast members. One name that had been rumored was Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints, Walking Dead) for the role of Eddie Dean and when MTV News interviewed him, it seemed like he's definitely had talks for a role in the film.

At this point, though, Norman knows about as much as we do. Supposedly, Universal was going to be discussing The Dark Tower series this weekend and would determine how to best move forward with the planned movie trilogy and TV series. Javier Bardem has committed to playing the lead role in the film, but everything appears to be on hold until Universal officially gives the green light, teams up with another studio, or lets Ron Howard shop the series to another studio. You can watch a brief video clip of the Norman Reedus interview at the source link below.

Source: MTV News