Cavity Colors once again taps into ’80s creature-centric nostalgia with their new line of official Boglins enamel pins. Just be careful when you let them out of their cages...

Official details and images of the five Boglins pins, or "Bogpins," are below, and to learn more, visit Cavity Colors online.

From Cavity Colors: "FIVE limited edition "BOGPIN" Enamel Pins are packaged inside of their own mini box similar to the original toys, Limited to 200 each design, and features fan favorites: DWORK, BOG-O BONES (glow in the dark), BLOBKIN, FLURP, and PLUNK.

Each box is sold separately with their respective Enamel Pin attached to an insert inside of the box to appear just like the original Boglins! Each BOGPIN was illustrated by none other than their real life monstrous co-creator, Tim Clarke, and the packaging is a replica of the original box art that includes Boglins field notes & more that surely will strike a nostalgia chord with you!

We'll have a full reveal of all the pins and boxes closer to the release date on this blog, so keep your peepers pealed!

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for one of our most ambitious (& nostalgic) enamel pin releases yet! We couldn't be more excited to see it all come together, and can't think of a better collectible piece for all you BOGLINS fans out there. We hope you're as excited as we are.

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • 5 fan favorite BOGLINS Enamel Pins + Box combos.
  • Each pin is packaged in a mini - BOGLIN box similar to the originals
  • * LIMITED TO 200 EACH box * - 2nd pressing will be carded without the box.
  • Price: $15 each
  • Only 2 pin / box combos per design can be purchased, to make it fair for everyone!

They will go on sale THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd @ 5 PM (east coast time)
Check your timezone accordingly and make plans, as we expect these to go fast!
Thanks for the support!"

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