On February 19th, Olive Films will release new Blu-ray versions of Night of the Demons 2 and The Monster Squad. At this time, bonus features have not been finalized, but we do have the cover art and initial release details.

The Monster Squad: Count Dracula has until midnight to retrieve an ancient amulet that will give him final control over the delicate balance between good and evil in the world. To help him, the creepy Count calls on some old friends: the weird Wolfman, grotesque Gill-Man, mildewed Mummy and freaky Frankenstein. As the ghoulish group gets closer to the amulet, it's up to The Monster Squad, headquartered in the local tree house, to pool its questionable resources and stop the monster mayhem! Directed by Fred Dekker and starring Andre Gower, Robby Kiger and Stephen Macht.

  • Bonus Features: No bonus features have been announced at this time.

Night of the Demons 2: For years, Hull House has set in eerie silence - tales of its haunted past have turned into gory jokes - and no one really believes anything ever happened. But a special anniversary date is approaching... and, unknown to the local high school students, a horror fest is in the works. While most of the students at St. Rita's high school are excited about the "official" Halloween dance, Shirley Fennerty intends to party elsewhere. She and her rebellious cohorts are planning a wilder party at the abandoned "haunted" mansion. They want fun... now they're in for the hell-raising party of their lives! Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring Cristi Harris, Darin Heames and Robert Jayne.

  • Bonus Features: Audio commentary with Brian Trenchard-Smith and cinematographer David Lewis

Cover Art Sources: / Fangoria