Universal Pictures is going to play with the Ouija board once again. The studio has announced the release date for the sequel to the Olivia Cooke-starring horror film, Ouija, that came out last October. This time around, however, the studio is working from a screenplay scribed by the writing team behind Oculus.

Variety reveals that Ouija 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on October 21st, 2016. Nobody is signed on to direct at this point, but it's been revealed that Universal is working from a screenplay written by Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard, who co-wrote the popular mirror-centric horror movie, Oculus, which Flanagan also directed.

As part of their first-look deal with Universal, Blumhouse Productions will back the sequel, with Jason Blum producing alongside Hasbro’s Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis and Platinum Dunes' Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. It's also been announced that Ouija 2 will see worldwide distribution. No other details are known at this time, but stay tuned to Daily Dead for further updates. For those unfamiliar with the first Ouija, here's the film's synopsis and brief trailer:

"After Debbie (Shelley Hennig, “Teen Wolf”) suddenly dies, her best friend Laine (Olivia Cooke, “Bates Motel,”) attempts to contact her using an antique Ouija board she finds in Debbie’s room. When the curious teen begins asking the board questions and stumbles upon the mystery of her friend’s death, Laine discovers a resident spirit calling itself DZ, and eerie, inexplicable events begin to follow her. The group of friends digs deeper into the history of Debbie’s house and are shocked to find that Debbie wasn’t the first victim—and won’t be be the last if they don’t figure out how to close the portal to the spirit world they’ve opened.

The otherworldly thriller also stars Douglas Smith (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters), Bianca A. Santos (“The Fosters”), Ana Coto (“DISconnected”) and Daren Kagasoff (The Secret Life of the American Teenager)."

Source: Variety
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