Own the Pub from The Wicker Man

2012/02/14 00:50:18 +00:00 | Jonathan James

If any readers are interested in chipping in with us and starting a pagan community, the actual pub from The Wicker Man is now for sale.In the classic movie, it was known as the Green Man, but in reality, it's called the Ellangowan Hotel. The hotel is located in Creetown, Scotland, features 9 bedrooms, and has been put on the market for £200,000.

Alistair Letham is selling the property and noted that it is being offered at a reduced price. He also mentioned that the place is popular with fans of the movie: "The Ellangowan attracts a significant number of film fans who visit the area to take in the locations seen in The Wicker Man.... Sadly, Britt Ekland is no longer working behind the bar, but the visitors to the bar partake in a lot less sacrifice than seen in the film, making it a popular local venue."

Here is the full property description and pictures:

"On the instructions of A. Menzies, French Duncan, Trustee in the Sequestration of W W Christie. For some (perhaps many?) this hotel might be confused with the infamous “The Green Man”, which featured prominently in the iconic 1973 British horror film, The Wicker Man. The Ellangowan Hotel was used as one of the principal locations, and even featured actress Britt Eckland behind the bar! Today, almost 40 years on the Ellangowan is a conventional fully licensed village hotel possessing and retaining a great deal of character and features which will have served it well over many decades. As a business the Ellangowan is a straight forward mixed establishment, having responded over the years to shifting standards and demands, and now operates as an important social centre for the local community, and provider of temporary accommodation for a wide range of private and business visitors. Creetown takes its name from the wide expanse of water at the estuary of the River Cree, a prolific sporting river and one of the most popular with fishermen in the south-west of Scotland. The village has a steady local population serving both private and public sectors, and the hotel can attract business from the busy A75 trunk road which passes very close by, carrying a huge volume of traffic across to the Irish ferry ports at Cairnryan. The present owner purchased the Ellangowan Hotel in 1987, and has enjoyed many years of satisfying and rewarding business. For personal reasons in 2011 the decision was taken to place the business, voluntarily, into Sequestration."

If interested in purchasing the property, visit the official listing page at: http://www.colliersproperty.co.uk/hotels-for-sale/newton-stewart/208552


[Thanks to STYD for the heads up.]

Source: BBC