A video game from Night School Studio in association with Skybound, Oxenfree was initially released in January and recently made its PlayStation 4 debut with additional content. To celebrate the game’s latest release as well as its upcoming vinyl soundtrack from iam8bit, we have brief impressions of Oxenfree’s engrossing gaming experience, as well as LP release details for the game's excellent synth score by scntfc.

They think they have the place to themselves for the night, but the teens soon discover Edwards Island has a haunted history that still lurks in the shadows of the former military base and pulsates through the radio waves of the present. Before the sun peeks over the horizon, this group of eclectic friends will face the supernatural, the unexplained, alternate realities, and most importantly, their own struggles within.

Oxenfree gamers play Alex, a teenage girl with blue hair and a sharp sense of wit and humor. She used to come with her brother Michael to Edwards Island, but he passed away and she’s still feeling the sting of his absence. The island remembers her brother, though, and on this fateful night, it grabs her attention through frightening means. Thankfully, Alex isn’t alone. She comes to the island with her friend Ren and stepbrother Jonas, and they eventually meet up with two other high schoolers, Nona and Clarissa—Michael’s ex-girlfriend—on the beach.

After investigating a nearby cave, weird things start to happen, and it’s not long before Alex and Jonas find themselves separated from their friends, who they must track down one-by-one. The only problem is that the island has become rife with supernatural activity, forcing players to encounter possession, time loops, and creepy imagery that might even worm its way into real life nightmares.

As spooky as Oxenfree can be, its characters always come first, and learning about them through intriguing conversations is just as fascinating as exploring the island. A coming-of-age tale viewed through a paranormal lens, Oxenfree is heartfelt, humorous, and at times, very scary. If you’ve been looking for a game to lose yourself in, then look no further than Oxenfree.


From iam8bit: "iam8bit, Night School Studios and Skybound Entertainment are thrilled to bring you the Original Soundtrack for OXENFREE. Composed by SCNTFC, the score is packed with eerie music that deftly evokes the supernatural...

...As with all new iam8bit music releases, the audio is mastered specifically for optimal vinyl audio quality.

  • Music Composed by SCNTFC
  • Cover Art by Austin James
  • Sleeve Art by Heather Gross
  • 180-gram 2xLP
  • Download Code (sent 6/3/16)
  • Expected to ship late September 2016"

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