In the 2000s and 2010s, Paramount and Blumhouse teamed up for six Paranormal Activity movies that brought found footage scares to a whole new generation. The last of those six films was Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension in 2015, but at CineEurope 2019 in Barcelona, it was announced that Paramount and Blumhouse are returning to the Paranormal Activity franchise with a new installment.

According to Deadline, at Paramount's showcase in CineEurope, Studio Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos announced that a new Paranormal Activity is in the works, telling the crowd, “We are partnering with uber horror producer Jason Blum to bring a new installment of Paranormal Activity.”

No further details are known at this time, including whether or not the "new installment" will be a film sequel to The Ghost Dimension, a spinoff film like Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, or some other type of project altogether.

Since the first film's wide theatrical release in 2009, the Paranormal Activity franchise has been a lucrative one for Paramount and Blumhouse, with each film's domestic box office gross surpassing its production budget, particularly Oren Peli's first film, which brought in more than $107 million domestically on an estimated production budget of $15,000 (according to Box Office Mojo).

We'll be sure to keep Daily Dead readers updated as more details are announced. In the meantime, what would you like to see in a new Paranormal Activity?

Source: Deadline
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