With Dr. Brenner's (played by the great Matthew Modine) fate unknown following the first season of Stranger Things, the Hawkins Laboratory has a big position that needs to be filled, and Paul Reiser's Dr. Owens intends to do just that in the second season of the Netflix series.

In a recent interview with EW, Reiser (Aliens, Red Oaks) discussed joining one of the most popular shows out there right now, and he also talked about the differences between Dr. Brenner and Dr. Owens:

"There’s a little more humanity. Modine’s character had very few lines so he was this looming, powerful presence. My guy is much more hands-on and sort of among his many degrees is that he has a bedside manner that Modine’s character did not have. I know coming into this what this community has gone through and my job is to try and walk them through their mistrust."

We'll have to wait until the Halloween release of Stranger Things 2 to find out more about Dr. Owens' true intentions in Hawkins, and you can read the rest of his interview on EW. In case you missed it, check out our previous coverage of Stranger Things Season 2:

Source: EW
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