NECA's line of Gremlins figures continue to be a big hit with fans of the series, and it was recently announced that Mogwai Series 3 is in the works and will be released in early 2013:

"Even if you happened to have your eyes glued to our Twitter feed about 30 minutes ago, you might have still missed one of the most anxiously awaited announcements of the year: we’ve greenlighted the 3rd series for our Mogwai action figures. Planned for January or February of 2013, Mogwai Series 3 will consist of these cute little guys, all from the very first Gremlins film:" 

  • Stripe: Before he turns out to be the lead Gremlin and the leader of the First Batch, Stripe looks dangerous…ly cute
  • Gizmo: The main character of the series, the original Mogwai, comes out in a uniquely adorable expression
  • Haskins: This chubby dude was not clearly named in the movie, so we’re calling him “Haskins”. His expression is priceless
The Mogwai Series 2 figures were released in August and you can see photos of those figures at:
Source: NECA