The primal rage of the Wolf Predator is on full display in Sideshow's new Legendary Scale Bust of the creature from Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. Designed and sculpted by Amilcar Fong, the bust is a limited edition of only 750 items, and its impressive, deadly details are teased in a video and set of photos.

From Sideshow: "Within every tribe of hunters is an old warrior. One who has tested themselves against countless quarries and come back with the trophies to prove it. For all we know about the world of Predator, that hunter is Wolf. Having fought and won against two Xenomorphs at the same time as well as standing his ground against the Predalien, Wolf has earned his place as one of the greatest hunters in the galaxy.

Sideshow’s Wolf Predator Legendary Scale Bust is a perfect recreation and will make an amazing addition to any collector’s Predatory display. The piece itself is made up of a mixture of high-quality PVC and resin leading to remarkable consistency and accuracy of details.

EXPECTED TO SHIP: Sep 2017 - Nov 2017


Photos via Sideshow:

Source: Sideshow
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