We're always on the lookout for new genre releases Daily Dead readers will enjoy and we were recently turned onto An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will o' the Wisp. With a style that will appeal to fans of Tim Burton and Coraline, the graphic novel was written by Tom Hammock, features artwork by Megan Hutchinson, and was recently released as a hardcover. Here's a look at the trailer and eight preview pages we've been provided with:

"An Aurora Grimeon Story – Will 'O' the Wisp is an original graphic novel full of wicked delights and dark things.

This is a curiously morbid tale regarding young Aurora Grimeon, recently orphaned by her parents' accidental mushroom poisoning. With no other relatives to speak of, Aurora is sent to live with her estranged grandfather on Ossuary Isle, deep in the southern swamps. Aurora sets off with little more than three instructions in an otherwise vague letter: to bring her father's glass eye; to only travel on odd numbered days; and to take care to arrive on a day when the moon is not full. Aurora doesn't know quite what to expect when she arrives.

The truth is much stranger than she ever imagined. Her Grandfather is a scientist who runs a biological supply business out of an old southern mansion. He provides universities with skeletons, venoms and various other unsavory things. The strange old man's first move is to send Aurora to the isle's Hoodoo witch, Mama Nonnie, whose mysterious magic the locals turn to for luck and protection. Sensing a bit of a lost soul, Mama Nonnie takes Aurora under her wing and begins teaching her the art of Hoodoo.

Joined by her Grandfather's pet raccoon Missy, Aurora explores Ossuary Isle, the fog-shrouded island of the dead, and meets its sinister residents, who care for the tombstones and mausoleums that cover every inch of the dark, forgotten cemetery. Lonely and saddled with unusual chores like sorting teeth and assembling skulls, Aurora finds friendship with a mysterious Cajun boy, Roubedeaux, who emerges from the misty swamp.

When repeated sightings of a blue flame floating through the fog are accompanied by ghostly happenings and isle residents start disappearing, Aurora decides to put her Hoodoo skills to good use and solve a longstanding mystery. Along the way she puts herself in terrible danger and uncovers secrets that might be better left buried. Somehow the mysterious blue flame out in the swamp connects it all: a Will 'O' The Wisp."

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