Preview Pages from Dark Country

2012/10/31 15:43:28 +00:00 | Jonathan James

The Dark Country movie was released a few years back and was directed by Thomas Jane, who also starred in the movie, along with Lauren German and Ron Perlman. A graphic novel was released earlier this year, featuring art from Thomas Ott, and we've been given a preview to share with our readers.

"At the end of the road... the nightmare truly begins. In 2007, actor/filmmaker Thomas Jane went off to New Mexico to film his noir/suspense film, Dark Country, a twisted, psycho-noir about a couple forced to deal with a dead body en route from Vegas. The result was a mind bending, idiosyncratic, EC Comic-style ride into the noirish landscape of damnation. In an effort to create a new experience, Jane had the artist adapt the original short story by Tab Murphy that inspired the film. Thomas Ott's adaptation is presented in his signature 'silent' format, with Tab Murphy's original short story immediately following the sequential art. Also included is a 40 page bonus section packed with pre-visualization art, production photography, and marketing art and design."

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