While many zombie tales have taken place on the paneled page in recent years, Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers stands out from the pack with a truly unique take on the genre. We have preview pages from the fifth issue of the genre-melding comic book series, including the zombified variant cover only available at New York Comic Con while supplies last.

The final issue of the first story arc, Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers #5 makes its premiere at NYCC (running from October 9th - 12th). You can check out the fifth issue in the small press area booth #1355 across from Marvel, and back issues are available as digital download or print on demand at:

Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers #5:

Writer: Jeff Marsick
Artist: Kirk Manley

"A centuries-old female zombie leads a unique special forces team composed of ancient Chinese warrior spirits inhabiting human hosts. Traveling the globe, Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers combat monsters, demons and devils that seek to wipe out humanity. Is Z-Girl destined to be mankind’s savior…or the cause of a devastating zombie apocalypse?"

  • Derek Anderson
    About the Author - Derek Anderson

    Raised on a steady diet of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Derek has been fascinated with fear since he first saw ForeverWare being used on an episode of Eerie, Indiana.

    When he’s not writing about horror as the Senior News Reporter for Daily Dead, Derek can be found daydreaming about the Santa Carla Boardwalk from The Lost Boys or reading Stephen King and Brian Keene novels.