With only two issues left in All Out War, will Negan have the last laugh or does Rick have a plan to take out The Saviors for good? With so much happening in All Out War, we’re not getting full sets of preview pages until this story arc wraps up, but we do have a look at three preview panels from the upcoming issue to give you a tease of what’s ahead.

“All Out War breaks out on October 9, 2013 with the release of THE WALKING DEAD #115, part of the celebration of 10 years of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s epic comic book series… THE WALKING DEAD #115 is the first issue of the monster event ALL OUT WAR, which will pit Rick Grimes and his group of Survivors in a fight for their lives against the other factions in THE WALKING DEAD universe: The Saviors, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom…”

We’ve combined much of our recent coverage, so check out the links below for upcoming issue cover art and our exclusive interviews with Robert Kirkman:

ALL OUT WAR Release Schedule:

    • The f*ck f*cking f*ckity f*cking penultimate chapter of All Out Motherf*cking War!
    • The Conclusion.

*We want to give a big thanks to our friends at TheWalkingDead.com for the preview panels!