Last night's mid-season finale was one of the most intense episodes of The Walking Dead to date and the group of survivors will never be the same. The story will be going in an all new direction in the second half of Season 4 and, for those that missed it, we have a look at the preview video that played last night and shows footage from the upcoming episodes.

If you're looking for more information on what to expect from Season 4, check out our casting announcement article link below to find out which major characters from the comic book series will be showing up. With the series taking a break until February, our TV coverage will slow down a bit, but we are working on a number of special features to release in December. The Walking Dead Season 4 will return in February with the first of eight more episodes.

For those that missed the earlier news, The Walking Dead Season 5 was officially given the green light by AMC, so filming should start in Spring 2014. A spinoff series is also in the early planning stages and is expected to air in 2015. We expect to have more details on all of these projects in the coming months, but you catch up on our recent coverage highlights by visiting the following links:

*Note the first video may be region locked. We've provided an alternate embed below.