Pruitt Taylor joining The Walking Dead is the first new cast announcement of the second season. His picture may seem familiar if you've watched Deadwood, The Mentalist, or any of the other numerous TV shows and movies he has appeared in.

TVLine reveals that he's playing Otis, a foreman at Hershel’s Farm: "For the uninitiated (aka those unfamiliar with the Walking Dead graphic novels), Vince’s character is described as good-natured and polite, this despite the rather harrowing (read: near-deadly) circumstances under which he first meets Rick, Lori et al."

Other new characters for this season include Hershel and his daughter Maggie, although additional casting announcements have not yet been made. With season 2 currently filming, we should hear about these roles being filled shortly.  To watch a video of the first day of shooting, check out our earlier coverage from today:

Source: TVLine