The search for knowledge leads to great pain in the Goetz brothers' reimagining of Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs. With the new take on the cult classic horror film hitting theaters and Digital HD this Friday from Anchor Bay Entertainment, we caught up with Martyrs actress Bailey Noble (True Blood) in our latest Q&A feature.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us, Bailey. How did you get involved with this reimagining of Martyrs and what attracted you to the story?

Bailey Noble: First of all, I love that you called it a reimagining! I auditioned for the role of Anna and after meeting with the Goetz brothers and chemistry reading with Troian [Bellisario], the role was offered to me! I read the script and fell in love with Lucy and Anna's relationship, so that's initially what attracted me to the film. I also love seeing empowered female roles, and if I get to portray one, even better!

What elements of your character were you the most excited to bring alive onscreen?

Bailey Noble: I was most excited to bring alive the strength in Anna. She starts out a bit meek, but gains her inner strength and power throughout her incredible journey. She completely evolves into another person by the end of the film.

Had you seen Pascal Laugier’s original Martyrs film prior to acting in this new take? If so, did the performances in that movie influence how you approached your character and this story?

Bailey Noble: Once I booked the film, I watched Pascal's original and enjoyed it! I tried not to let the original influence my performance too much. Our story was different enough that I could make Anna my own.

What was the most challenging scene to shoot?

Bailey Noble: There is a scene towards the end of the film where three gun shots are fired and two of them come from me. There was a lot of choreography that had to happen in very little time, because it was the last scene of the day. It was intense.

Do you have a favorite moment or funny story from your time on set?

Bailey Noble: There was one night where I had to have a ton of dirt dumped on me. After every take I had our stunt coordinator, David [Rowden], help me do a handstand so I could get all of the dirt out of my pants!

What was it like working with directors Kevin and Michael Goetz? What kind of an atmosphere did they bring to the set?

Bailey Noble: The Goetz brothers were awesome to work with! I got the opinions and direction of two directors, so I felt very taken care of! And they've got clear ideas about what they were looking for every step of the way!  They brought a very calm, professional atmosphere to set.

Having played Adilyn Bellefleur on True Blood, you’re no stranger to the horror genre. Did your time on the HBO series help prepare you for Martyrs in any way?

Bailey Noble: Absolutely! I definitely had an idea of what to expect with the long hours and night shoots. I also had a lot of experience screaming on True Blood so that helped, haha!

With Anchor Bay Entertainment releasing Martyrs in theaters and Digital HD January 22nd, what projects do you have on deck that you can tease?

Bailey Noble: I will be guest starring in episode three of Fox's upcoming show, Lucifer! I've got two more films being released this year, The Waiting and Hard Sell. And I will continue acting in a few films!

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