Cody Renee Cameron is no stranger to horror, having starred in multiple Full Moon movies, including the most recent release, The Twelve Slays of Christmas. She is also set to star in the upcoming sequel to the cult classic, The Mutilator. In our latest Q&A, Cody discusses her experience on Full Moon sets, her favorite horror movies, and what's next for her.

You recently starred in The Twelve Slays of Christmas. Can you talk about your experience on-set filming this Christmas horror throwback?

Sure! Working on "The Twelve Slays of Christmas" was awesome because I got to work with two of my best friends, Dare Taylor and Lauren Ann Smith. We filmed in a giant mansion in Cleveland, complete with fake snow outside! The scary prosthetics we wore were super fun, and I still have my teeth that I stick in occasionally to scare my roommate, haha.

Full Moon has a long history of creating cult horror films. What do you enjoy most about working on these types of movies?

I absolutely love the crazy antics that Full Moon comes up with! They're not afraid to stretch the boundaries. I also adore the fans! We have so many hardcore fans that are awesome!

I was excited to see that you'll be starring in a sequel to the cult classic The Mutilator! What can you tell our readers about your role, and what can they expect from the film?

"The Mutilator 2" is definitely full of some fun and scary surprises! I stunt-doubled for one of the actresses and also acted in it. We shot overnights outside by the ocean, which added to the horror aspect! The ocean is so grand and scary at night! The locals would visit the beach, trying to get a sneak peek at what we were filming. Fun fact: if you're ever filming a movie and it's supposed to be hush-hush, they'll always tell you to say you're filming a mayonnaise commercial if anyone asks. Haha, I guess cuz no one cares about Mayo!

You've starred in a number of horror films. Do you find that your interests gravitate more toward horror films?

I actually never watched horror films as a kid because, well, I thought they were scary! But after being in so many, I've definitely developed an appreciation for them! John Carpenter's "The Thing" was the first horror I remember seeing as a kid, and I was SO FREAKED OUT!

Do you have a favorite horror movie and/or a particular film that got you into horror movies growing up?

I loved seeing Paris Hilton in "House of Wax!" I also think this might be considered more of a thriller than horror, but "Interview With a Vampire" definitely made me feel things I've never felt before, haha.

Aside from The Mutilator 2, can you tell our readers about upcoming roles you're excited about?

Absolutely! I'm in the upcoming season of "Mayans M.C.," and we just started filming the final season! I'm also in an indie flick called "Waking Up Dead," now available on Amazon. And I'm excitedly awaiting a pilot I shot to get picked up; it's called "Boned," and I play a motorcycle riding dog walking stripper. As a dog lover and Harley owner, It's the role I was born to play! Haha.

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