What started as a casual campfire hangout among friends quickly turned into an encounter with the spirit world in Along Came the Devil, and those sinister forces return to wreak more hellish havoc in Along Came the Devil II. With the sequel out now in theaters, VOD, and Digital from Gravitas Ventures, we caught up with co-writer/producer/co-star Heather DeVan and co-writer/director/producer Jason DeVan to discuss reteaming with Bruce Davison, being inspired by cinematic influences in the horror genre, and trusting their instincts for Along Came the Devil II.

Jason and Heather, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us, and congratulations on Along Came the Devil 2! Did you always envision doing a sequel to 2018’s Along Came the Devil? How did the idea for the sequel come about?

Jason DeVan: Thank you so much, we are very excited for everyone to see this film. We had an idea that if given the chance, we had a lot of story left to tell and some answers that were still left out there to be answered. We got a phone call from Gravitas asking us if we could put on hold any projects we were working on and get started immediately on the sequel. We knew that this was our chance to fill in some of the blanks from part 1 and continue the story while taking it to a whole other level. And we feel we achieved all of these things.

Where did filming take place, and how long was your shooting schedule?

Jason DeVan: We filmed in Buford, Ga, downtown Flowery Branch, and a beautiful historical home in Avondale Estates, built in 1901.

What were your experiences reteaming with Gravitas Ventures for this sequel? Did they give you a lot of creative freedom to do what you wanted?

Jason DeVan: Gravitas has been great to work with. They completely trusted us with the sequel and gave us 100% creative freedom.

Heather, what was it like for you to reprise your role as Sarah Winbourne? How has she changed since the events of the first film?

Heather DeVan: Sarah is a dark character who has demons in her past, literally. In the first film, she lets her sister know about her demons and cries out for help and the audience thinks she died during child birth, only to find out she is alive and locked up in a dungeon. The VFX makeup created by George Troester was so incredible that I was unable to look at myself in the mirror. That was actually the best part. If she could scare the cast and crew in a scene, I knew Jason was on to something.

The cast this time around once again includes the legendary Bruce Davison. What was it like to have him back on board as Reverend Michael?

Jason DeVan: Like you said, Bruce is a legend. I love working with Bruce. We have great chemistry and he gets me. I also have so much respect and trust in Bruce and his decisions with his character and the trust we have in each other really shows. Bruce has been doing this for years, so he is all business on set and a big teddy bear off it.

Heather DeVan: I agree, He is a legend and great to work with. He is family now.

Were you influenced or inspired by any films, TV series, or books while making Along Came the Devil 2?

Jason DeVan: Absolutely! In ACTD2, we went more in the direction of The Shining, with some other classics like Halloween and even some of my favorite ’80s horror influencing this one.

Is there anything you both learned on the set of Along Came the Devil that you applied to your filmmaking approach on Along Came the Devil 2?

Jason DeVan: One of the best lessons we learned was to trust our gut—your first instinct on things are usually right. We only had six months to write the script, so there was really no time to second guess ourselves or over think anything. We learned to be more prepared and more efficient with our time and resources.

Looking back at your time on set, is there a favorite or memorable moment that stands out to each of you?

It's always nice to see things you have been writing about finally come to life. Or scary scenes you’ve written about finally shot and the whole cast watching in awe. It always feels great. But the best moments were the moments that the cast and crew bonded on set, honestly feeling like one big, hard-working family, all buying into what we were doing.

Ultimately, what do you hope viewers take away from Along Came the Devil 2?

We really hope the audience comes away feeling like they just had an amazing, heart-racing scary/thrilling ride. And come away looking forward to seeing our next films we put out.

With Along Came the Devil 2 now in theaters, VOD, and Digital from Gravitas Ventures, what other projects do you have coming up that you’re excited about?

We have a thriller called Broken Souls that we are in pre-production on. It’s a phycological thriller about a family torn apart by tragedy and how far a father will go to save his son from the hands of a serial killer.

Do you have plans for a third film in the Along Came the Devil franchise?

We wrote it as a trilogy, so YES, we definitely want to make part 3 and go out with a BANG!

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