From his work on Ginger Snaps and Final Destination 3 to more recent projects such as Extraterrestrial and Ghost Wars, actor Jesse Moss has been a constant source of reliable performances in the horror genre, and his role as a first-time father in the supernatural thriller Still/Born is certainly no exception. With Still/Born coming to theaters and VOD platforms beginning February 9th, Daily Dead had the pleasure of catching up with Moss for a new Q&A feature, and in addition to discussing the character-centric story of Still/Born, Moss also reflected on the enduring love for the cult favorite Ginger Snaps.

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions and congratulations on your new film Still/Born. What was it about this story that stood out to you and made you want to help bring it to life on screen?

Jesse Moss: Well, first of all I just wanted to work with the people involved. I'd worked with Colin Minihan and Christie Burke before and knew how incredibly talented they were. Then, when I had a Skype conversation with Brandon Christensen, I could tell that we were all on the same page and that we had the potential to make something great. It also happened around the same time I had become a new father myself, so the subject matter was quite interesting to me.

What did you enjoy the most about diving into your character, Jack?

Jesse Moss: Becoming a first-time father, you automatically have a certain amount of fear and anxiety around the well-being of your child, so it was interesting living in the extremes of those through Jack. It was almost therapeutic to be able to work out some of my issues through my character. It gave me some perspective.

Where did filming on Still/Born take place? Did you get a chance to hop on your long board and explore the local area?

Jesse Moss: We shot on location in Calgary, Alberta. I was filming something else at the time so I was flown in for basically ten days of straight shooting and then flown out. Not much time to cruise around and explore, unfortunately.

Still/Born is the feature film debut of director Brandon Christensen. What was it like to collaborate with Christensen on his first full-length movie? Did you give him any advice from the many experiences you’ve had on movie sets?

Jesse Moss: Brandon was great. We worked very well together. You wouldn't be able to tell that it was his first feature. He had vision, kept things moving, and he's a funny guy, so we were able to keep things light. That's important when doing a film like this. He's an old vet from shooting commercials and music videos, so he's very comfortable behind the camera. He didn't need any advice from me.

Looking back on the filming of Still/Born, is there a favorite or funny moment in particular that stands out to you?

Jesse Moss: The days with Michael Ironside were always great. It was the second time I’d worked with him and he's always such a force of nature. He's such an incredible actor, so to get to sit with him and pick his brain or just watch him work was amazing.

You and Christie Burke share some really intense scenes together, and your characters go on quite an emotional arc. What did you enjoy about working with Christie to make that relationship as genuine as possible?

Jesse Moss: Christie is such a powerhouse, so it wasn't hard to get there with her. We'd worked together before, so we were comfortable enough to be present and let the scenes live. She put so much work into her character and really carried the film. I was just along for the ride.

You’ve been in a lot of beloved horror projects over the years, and Ginger Snaps in particular continues to resonate with new generations of viewers who embrace its story and characters. Why do you think that film continues to have such a dedicated cult following?

Jesse Moss: Ginger Snaps was so well-written and directed, and Katie and Emily were so amazing as the two leads that it ticks all those boxes. It's also funny and quirky, yet still dark with all of the elements that horror fans are looking for. But I think the main reason is that it's still relatable today. Teenagers are going through the same things now as they were then. They can relate to the changes Ginger was experiencing both mentally and physically. Sometimes those changes really can feel like you're turning into the beast.

With Still/Born coming out in theaters and VOD platforms on February 9th, do you have any other projects with acting or writing that you can tease? Also, where can our readers stay up to date on your work online?

I shot a TV series last year called Ghost Wars for SYFY that will be coming out on Netflix worldwide sometime this year. It’s about a small Alaskan town that gets overrun by paranormal forces. It's a really fun show that covers both the supernatural and science fiction sides of the afterlife. People can stay up to date with my work online through Twitter and Instagram @realjessemoss.

Photo credit: Above photo by Kristine Cofsky.

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