Aftershock was released to Blu-ray and DVD this week, and we were given the opportunity to submit questions to director Nicolás López. In our latest Q&A feature, Nicolás López talks about working with Eli Roth, practical effects, and his thoughts on The Green Inferno:

Now that Aftershock has seen a theatrical and VOD release in the US, are you happy with how the movie has been received by horror fans?

Nicolás López: It's very exciting to know that people from all around the world are watching the movie on VOD, DVD or…pirated, and being able to have a direct dialogue with the fans (and haters) on twitter and instagram (@nicolaslopez) is awesome. I love every reaction. Love or hate. I just want the people to watch the movie.

Instead of a typical disaster, Aftershock is infused with horror elements. Was this something you always planned to do or did the horror elements increase when Eli Roth came on board?

Nicolás López: We always talked about it with Eli, the idea was to do a "grounded" version of a disaster movie. And there's nothing more horrifying than that.

How did Eli Roth go from producing and writing to starring in the movie? Can you tell us about your experience working with him as an actor?

Nicolás López: It was pretty natural, Eli spent a lot of time here in Chile and most of the "Gringo" jokes started because of him. So when we were looking for an actor we were like…Obviously you have to play gringo.

When it came to the deaths and gore in the film, you tried for more practical over CGI. Was it important for you to use as little CG as possible? Can you tell our readers about any interesting experiences filming those death/gore scenes?

Nicolás López: I love practical effects. I think that we are on a day and age were people are so used to CGI that when they watch practical effects the impact is bigger.

I understand you've continued working with Eli Roth on The Green Inferno. Can you tell us about your time working on set? What can horror fans expect from the movie?

Nicolás López: THE GREEN INFERNO is a very gory roller coaster ride and it doesn't look like any horror movie that we have seen in the recent years. For me, is Eli's best movie.

With Aftershock coming out to Blu-ray/DVD in the US this month, what's your next project?

Nicolás López: I already finished two movies after Aftershock. One is QUE PENA TU FAMILIA, or FUCK MY FAMILY, the third part of my dark comedies trilogy (Que pena tu vida, Que pena tu boda and now Que pena tu familia) and I just wrap WORST FRIENDS FOREVER (or MIS PEORES AMIGOS), a very geek dark comedy. I'm planning my next movie in English and Eli will be involved. We are creating what we like to call CHILEWOOD. We want to make movies from Chile to the world. You can watch my previous comedies on Netflix and iTunes.


Aftershock was directed by Nicolas Lopez and stars Eli Roth, Ariel Levy, Nicolás Martínez, Lorenza Izzo, Selena Gomez, Andrea Osvart and Natasha Yarovenko. Catch up on our recent coverage by visiting the following links: