Now available on VOD and Digital HD on all major platforms from The Horror Collective, our latest Q&A is with Summoning Sylvia co-star Troy Iwata who tells us all about the new LGBTQ horror comedy:

What drew you to Summoning Sylvia and the character of Reggie?

Troy Iwata: I actually auditioned for Kevin originally, sent in an audition tape for that and then just got an offer for Reggie so I was like…ok. Any opportunity that offers a refreshing glimpse into queer representation I’m all for. First off I was obsessed with how funny the script was and the blending of genres was enticing as well. I loved that it was a story that took place after the coming-out process, after the self-discovery and acceptance process. There’s an entire life that happens after all of those journeys for queer people and it’s light and beautiful and intense and it just felt very freeing to play a character where “gay” wasn’t the only thing in the character description.

Can you talk about working with Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse to develop your character? 

Troy Iwata: They’re both brilliant and weird and stupid (that’s complimentary). The cast is made up of some insanely creative people and Alex and Wes were able to create an environment that allowed us to play, try bits and go in wacky directions but all within the confines of the universe we were creating. They’re both very thorough in their work so it made it easy to know wether something felt grounded or not. That’s the actor-y thing I’ve ever said and I’m gonna go throw up now.

This is a movie that takes some well-known genre conventions and subverts them with a mix of horror and comedy. What were some of the highlights from your on-set experience?

Troy Iwata: Just the fact that the majority of the cast, creative team and crew were all queer was exciting to just revel in. Every scene had some joke or moment to look forward to so honestly the whole process just felt fun. Frankie did get a gelato truck on set the last day and we almost didn’t finish on time cuz everyone kept going to get ice cream.

Are you someone that loves horror movies? How do you think you'd fare in a real haunted house?

Troy Iwata: I only watch horror movies in my kitchen so I can be close to the knives. If I were in a legit horror movie I’d be the friend who’s on the phone, somewhere else, freaking out and then I just show up at the end when the survivors are sitting on the bed of an ambulance wrapped in blankets and I’m like, “Where’s Kate?” (Kate’s dead.)

Can you tell our readers about your upcoming projects and where they can find you on social media?

Troy Iwata: I have another movie coming out at some point with Emma Roberts called Space Cadet. It’s a small part but I adlibbed myself some more lines so *shoulder brush*. We shot in Alabama for 3 weeks and I’ve always wanted to travel somewhere exotic for work so it was a dream come true. I wear a jumpsuit. [Editor's Note: Troy can be found on social media @mrtroyiwata]


About SUMMONING SYLVIA: "The Horror Collective is excited to announce the North American theatrical and TVOD release of their LGBTQ horror comedy Summoning Sylvia. Written and directed by Wesley Taylor (Smash, The Spongebob Musical) and Alex Wyse (Marvel’s Iron Fist, soon to join Broadway's Good Night, Oscar), the hair-raising romp tells the story of a gay bachelor party that takes a spooky turn when sinister spirits are suddenly summoned. The Horror Collective will release Summoning Sylvia in theaters nationwide March 31, 2023 and on Cable VOD and Digital HD April 7, 2023.

The cast of Summoning Sylvia includes Travis Coles (Superstore), Michael Urie (Younger), Frankie Grande (Henry Danger), Nicholas Logan (I Care a Lot), Troy Iwata (Dash & Lily), Noah Ricketts (American Gods), Sean Grandillo (Scream: The TV Series), Camden Garcia (Station 19), and Veanne Cox (You’ve Got Mail) as the titular specter."

Synopsis: "Summoning Sylvia tells the tale of Larry, who has been kidnapped by his three best friends for a bachelor weekend getaway at a haunted house. As they sashay through the dusty corridors, the comrades recount the house’s legend from a hundred years ago: a murderous woman named Sylvia slaughtered her son and buried him beneath the house's floorboards. But then Larry remembers that he was supposed to spend the weekend bonding with Harrison, his mysterious future brother-in-law. Horrified at his oversight, Larry invites the army-uniformed, hetero Harrison to join his gaggle’s gaycation, neglecting to run it by his friends. Later, as they hold a high-spirited séance to summon the sinister Sylvia, the group ends up welcoming more houseguests than they bargained for."