Peer pressure is bad enough, but peer pressure to be a cannibal? Now that's a nightmarish situation. Alas, it's exactly what Captain John Boyd (Guy Pearce) faces when he's sent to Fort Spencer circa mid-1800's in 1999's Ravenous. At Fort Spencer, you are who you eat, and if Boyd doesn't partake in the fort's rituals, he'll be next on the menu.

We recently reported that Scream Factory had announced Ravenous as part of their Summer of Fear Blu-ray lineup, and now Scream Factory has revealed the bonus features they'll be including in this tasty release.

With multiple commentaries, a new interview, and deleted scenes, this special Scream Factory release of Ravenous should sate the appetite of even the hungriest horror hound:

"**Final list of extras for our upcoming blu-ray edition of RAVENOUS revealed!**

- New interview with Actor Jeffrey Jones
- Commentary With Director Antonia Bird And Composer Damon Albarn
- Commentary With Screenwriter Ted Griffin And Jeffrey Jones
- Commentary With Actor Robert Carlyle
- Deleted Scenes With Commentary By Antonia Bird
- Theatrical Trailer & TV Spot
- Two Still Galleries – Costume Design And Production Design
Available June 3rd. Pre-order now at"

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