From writer Niall O’Rourke and artist Rob Moran, The Crying Boy is a horror comic book series about grief, a family struggling to keep it together, and an encounter with a demon that feeds on the souls of children. With the first issue released in February, and the second issue now available, we have a preview from issue #1 that you can read right now!

"Nadia and her son Samir have moved to Queens, New York to restart their lives after the violent death of her husband. They discover an old painting of a sad innocent looking boy hanging in their new apartment. Nadia is reluctant to keep the maudlin canvas but relents when her son seems to bond with it. The grief torn family have no idea that within the canvas hides a demon from Hell surviving for millennia by feeding on the souls of children. Thrown into the world of the supernatural Nadia must overcome her depression and grief and save her son from Evil."

Issue #2: "Nadia has reluctantly agreed to seek the counsel of Ms. Borisov, a medium who is convinced something strange and otherworldly is happening in their new home. Unaware of the terror that awaits, Ms. Borisov reaches out to the enigmatic entity that dwells inside of The Crying Boy. Meanwhile, on the north side of Philadelphia, a fallen, disgraced priest, Father Cyril Murray, has his own personal history with the painting. When a visitor from his past reveals his greatest fear, it's a race against time to save another family from the demon that hides within The Crying Boy!"