In addition to taking readers into literary worlds populated by creatures of the night, author Kim Newman has also kept a close eye on cinema over the years with his Empire film reviews column. Now decades of Newman's cinematic commentaries are being collected in Kim Newman's Video Dungeon, and with the new book out now from Titan Books, we've been provided with an excerpt and artwork to share with Daily Dead readers.

Kim Newman's Video Dungeon: "Video Dungeon is the first collection of film critic, film historian and novelist Kim Newman’s full reviews of the best and worst B movies, inspired by his legendary Empire column of the same name, which appears every month in the UK’s largest film specialty magazine.

With themed chapters covering new films and re-releases, from AfterDeath to Zombie Shark, from 1915’s Les Vampires to 2016’s The Shallows, over 500 of the cheapest, trashiest, goriest and, occasionally, unexpectedly good films released for the home entertainment market are covered here, torn apart and stitched back together again in Kim’s unique style."

For more information on Kim Newman's Video Dungeon, visit Amazon and Titan Books online and read an excerpt by clicking the cover art below.

Taken from Kim Newman's Video Dungeon: The Collected Reviews, design by Amazing15:

The Loved Ones artwork:

Sharknado artwork:

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