Just in time for Halloween, Bill Thompson's The Proctor Hall Horror will be released on October 1st, but we have the first chapter you can read right now!

"Critically acclaimed paranormal author Bill Thompson invites readers back to the Bayou for another classic ghost story that focuses on a frightening family affair spanning over generations in The Proctor Hall Horror: Book 7 of The Bayou Hauntings (Ascendente Books, October 1, 2020).

Following the same investigative team, The Proctor Hall Horror tells the chilling story of the vicious murders that led to a wrongful conviction and the darkness and fear that has gripped the house for generations.

Bill Thompson is an award-winning author of The Bayou Hauntings series, along with The Brian Sadler series, The Crypt trilogy, and The Outcasts. After starting and running what would become the one of the largest insurance agencies in Oklahoma, he traveled across the world to explore archaeological finds, mysteries of the past, unexplained things in the jungle and stories of adventure in remote places."

To read the excerpt, click on the following link or the cover below: Proctor Hall Excerpt